With huge technology brands such as Control4 beginning to play an ever growing role in our everyday lifestyles, the desire for new, hi-tech additions to the market is growing and every day we take technology for granted. In this article we will be discussing the advances in technology that we use on a regular basis and don’t take the time to be thankful for.


Nowadays, electricity is everywhere and it’s something that not many of us take a moment to consider. Whether we’re flicking on a light switch or plugging in a hairdryer, it’s fair to say that we don’t give this valuable commodity a second thought.

In fact, given the amount of electricity we use in modern society, it’s a wonder we ever managed to live without it. I’m sure we all remember power cuts as kids but imagine a never-ending power cut; would that make you feel differently about the way you use electricity?


We all love taking snaps and videos of our best memories; however, this is another technological advance that we tend to take for granted, especially when it comes to TV shows. Without video and cameras, you wouldn’t be able to admire your favourite celebrities in the magazines or on TV nor would you be able to catch up with what’s going on in the big wide world.

However, I will admit video is also an essential especially when it comes to worldwide news reports for things such as updates on natural disasters and for marketing for big businesses.


Nowadays, if we want the answer to something there’s no more badgering mum and dad for help with our homework, it’s all about the internet. The internet is a wonderful thing and can provide us with more knowledge than we know what to do with. It can provide us with helpful information while enabling us to stay in contact with those who live far away or even in proximity.

The internet is filled to the brim with resources and can be used for a number of purposes; making our lives and others an absolute breeze.

Mobile Phones

In the olden days, people would actually go to see each other to communicate or send letters but nowadays all you need to do is send a quick text or call them in order to stay in touch. While mobile phones are without a doubt a fantastic source of technological communication, we sadly do take them for granted and as a result many of us turn to unsociable methods of contact rather than getting a bit of fresh air and spending time together.


As much as we may curse at them or throw them, you have to admit, having a remote control is more than handy and convenient, so much so that many can’t conceive the idea of not having one before their invention in 1955. Nevertheless, this final item of technology is greatly taken advantage of.

These are just a few of the greatest technological advances that we tend to take for granted. Can you think of anymore?