Summer is a wonderful time to get all the family together for a BBQ or mini outdoor party to make the most of the lovely weather and spend some quality time together.

While you can splash out on fancy equipment and finger foods, there is a cost-effective way to throw an awesome get-together without putting yourself out of pocket. Here at Create Automation, we offer an array of devices ideal for a summer garden party.

In addition, you can use our equipment all-year-round and it opens a lot of doors in terms of special occasions like Christmas and Birthday parties as well as a night chilling in the garden with your closest friends.

Below we have compiled a few technologies that you can incorporate into your summer garden party and reasons why this equipment is ideal for this special get-together!

Outdoor Speakers

We have an excellent range of outdoor speakers here at Create Automation that can really set the atmosphere for your party. Depending on what you’re looking for, our range of speakers differs in terms of bass, sound quality and other factors that can impact the sound of your music.

For a summer garden party, we recommend the Niles OS5.5 Outdoor Loudspeaker 5-in Carbon Woofer. Available in white, this speaker is a trendy yet quality system that consists of a deep bass alongside a promise of high-quality sound. For the low price of £350.04, you will receive a pair of these speakers along with a guarantee that they will provide you with excellent and impressive sound.

IPod Dock

If the weather takes a turn for the worse, it’s always great to have an all-season back-up plan which is why iPod docks are a wonderful addition to the home.

We recommend the Sonance iPort IW22 iPod in-wall dock; a well-designed gadget that allows you to control the system at the touch of a button. Unlike its counterparts, this system has a few bonus features that help to make your experience with this dock run smoothly. A few of the added features include balanced audio and video outputs meaning that the dock can be placed at greater distances from the main plate; this allows families more freedom over where they want their music.

This system comes with a secure cradle, power supply and input plate. These features allow the iPod to be actively charged while in use.

Lighting Control Systems

Lighting control systems are fantastic for those who want to brighten areas of their home with the touch of a button. Not only are they efficient and low-cost, they also add something special to a party, making them an all-season option for homeowners.

Our Control4 8-Channel Dimmer is just the thing for summer garden parties. Not only is it compatible with numerous bulb types like LED lighting and halogen bulbs, it notifies the user whether or not an LED circuit is on, off or has failed making it a resourceful system to have in the home.

Moving on, the system itself can control as many as 8 loads, making it ideal as an all-purpose system if you want to use LED lighting in one room and fluorescent bulbs in another.