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Amina Edge 3i Single Channel Panel Speakers - 30W
Amina Edge 3 Single Channel Invisible Speakers - 30W Panel

Amina Edge 3i Single Channel Panel Speakers - 30W

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Part Number:Edge 3i

The Amina Edge 3i features a revolutionary design and perfects invisible loudspeaker technology by offering a dynamic and engaging audio experience that is unprecedented from hidden speakers. Designed for medium-power residential/commercial applications, these speakers provide evenly distributed audio performance and act as multi-channel surround sound systems. The loudspeakers can be completely concealed in a dry-wall/ceiling and can be retrofit into fully skimmed walls/ceilings. The panel speakers can be supplied with a high-impedance 100/70V transformer.

The Edge 3 uses a high-quality fire-resistant panel material producing 30W of power. The panel can be seamlessly integrated into plasterboards walls and ceilings. Using the same design principle as its larger counterparts, this invisible loudspeaker is the perfect set-up for audiophile-grade sound performance. They have a low-frequency impact with good high-frequency performance extending into the ultrasonic region. The audio output is consistent and linear and has good mid-range stability.


  • Invisible Speakers
  • 30w Panel
  • Single Channel
  • OptiDamping Technology
  • OptiDrive Performance
  • ToneRelief Technology
  • 90Hz - 24 kHz Frequency Response
  • 8 ohms Nominal Impedance
  • Reduced Resonance
  • Available in Different Finishes

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