The good thing about home cinemas is that practically any room can be turned into one, even your lounge. Ideally though, a home cinema will require a four-wall setup, in order to optimise the acoustic and the atmosphere.
If you have a study that you aren’t using, then you can transform it into your very own personal home cinema. The idea of setting up a home cinema is to create a movie theatre-like experience at home, complete with surround sound and all the extras that come with it.
You can go ahead and create the cinema ambience with a Nuvo system or your preferred brand, if you feel comfortable with what you’re doing. There are many among us though who nod along, agreeing that a home cinema is a good idea, without any idea as to how to create that perfect home cinema.
In this post, we will give you a few tips on how to transform that dull spare room of yours into the perfect home cinema, and what  things you’ll require to do it.
Pump Up The Volume
Every home theatre system requires speakers, and this is one area you should invest in because the better quality the speakers, the better the sound, and overall experience.
Poor speakers can ruin the entire setup and even negate the positives of having a good subwoofer. So make sure you use high-quality speakers from brand name manufacturers and place them appropriately in the room.
A home cinema experience would be incomplete without proper volume too, and for that you need a couple of powerful speakers that will give the same impact as a real cinema. This kind of home cinema system would double the fun of watching movies.
Acoustic Soundproofing

A very important point and fun as well. Soundproofing a room ensures that the sound waves don’t travel outside; instead, they bounce off the wall and come back, adding to the overall experience and keeping your neighbours’ complaints down.
A loud sound system with full bass effect can create some thumping vibrations in the walls, which can be a nuisance to neighbours. Soundproofing keeps that in check. People who live in apartments are particularly fond of soundproofing their cinema room.
Projector and Screen
The real fun of having a home cinema comes with watching your movies on a proper screen. You can get a projector that will allow you to show movies on a big screen, giving you an authentic cinema-like feeling. Alternatively, you can dim the lights in your room and use your big screen TV to get the almost same effect.
The simple tips above will be a great help when it comes to creating your home theatre. So browse our site and see what home cinema systems are on offer, then start planning the design and layout. You’ll end up with a setup that means you’ll never have to go back to the cinema again.