This week is National Hunt for Happiness Week, it sometimes hard to find even a smidgeon of happiness in a cold, wet and miserable January, so we have tried to hunt down some happiness and hand it over to you, our wonderful visitors.

This is a true story about a CCTV Camera and a Police Officer; we hope it brings a smile to your face. A junior Police Officer from Sussex recently spent twenty minutes trying to apprehend and go on to arrest someone that turned out to be himself! A CCTV Operator back at base was unaware that the Police Officer was undercover and therefore kept telling him to follow what turned out to be himself.

The CCTV Operator was sure she had the suspect on the screen and the Police Officer was hot on his tail, as he was on every street that the suspect was on. Every time the suspect went into a different alleyway the Police Officer confirmed he was there too, but when the CCTV Operator asked what he could see, the Police Officer confirmed there was no-one there, no trace of the suspect. After 20 minutes it was discovered that the CCTV Operator was indeed directing the Police Officer to find himself, and there was no suspect in the area.