• Low-definition analog cameras are a dying breed. HD definition IP cameras can pick up even the smallest, insignificant detail and display it clearly through video surveillance or just a plain photograph; this is just one of the reasons why people should choose IP cameras. Another reason would be that IP cameras come already installed with a professional back up design known as RAID, which stands for redundant array of independent disks. RAID is important as it spreads data across multiple HDD’s meaning that if one drive was to fail, another hard drive would reproduce the files.
  • Although IP cameras may appear to be a hefty expense, they are in fact very cost effective due to the fact that the device can manage the video surveillance needs of a company effectively. In addition, the camera can operate the storage and data management requirements of a work group, stand-alone business or a remote location thus making the IP cameras great value for your money.
  • IP cameras have been proven to be more reliable, faster than and just as durable as the original DVR systems, not to mention the inherent advantages which come with the IP’s making the massive step in technology between analog and NVR’s appear even more plausible.

These are just some of the many benefits which come with the advanced IP cameras.