As a supplier of home automation technology, designed to transform your property into a Smart Home, we recognise the importance of not only affordability, but also the efficacy of investments. That is why we offer products from some of the industry’s leading home tech brands, such as Control4.
Control4 is known not just for their sleek, modern designs, but also for their quality and precision. Their attention to detail and collection of smooth-sailing, flagship products has put them on the list of top ten home automation manufacturers. They are an ideal choice for tech-savvy and novice homeowners alike, yet we here at Create Automation offer an installation service for Control4 technology, to ensure you get the most out of your investment.
As a company, its success in the ‘Smart Home’ speaks for itself. Over the years, they have produced a number of innovative designs to help property owners find the perfect blend of tailored solutions and Smart living.
Since 2003, Control4 has kept homes seamlessly connected through state-of-the-art technology and personalised solutions, aimed at providing homeowners with a complete bespoke experience.
That isn’t all though, as Control4’s incredible portfolio of technology isn’t just reserved for homeowners looking for a unique solution. Business owners can equally benefit from this technology and upgrade their office in order to get the most out of their property and quite possibly, their team.
With automation systems, your company can stand out from the rest, delivering ultra-modern-type meetings and ensuring a healthy balance of modern day living and productivity.
So, if you’re searching for an industry leader that offers a complete home or business automation package, look no further than Control4 technology.
Here at, we offer a number of Control4 products so you too can transform your property into a Smart, connected home. Please feel free to browse our site for our collection or get in touch today if you have any specific queries regarding installation or even the products themselves. We look forward to hearing from you!