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Monitor Audio i-deck 100 – Product Review

Posted by I3media on 3/30/2013

Monitor Audio i-deck 100 is yet another useful device in the world of technology. The Monitor Audio i-deck 100 lets you attach your iPhone or iPod into it and listen to the music with maximum sound detailing as well as mind-blowing bass. The system is uniquely designed and provides open sound, which is more than enough for a regular size room.

i-deck 100 is Compact

One of the best things about i-deck 100 is that it is compact. The size is small and the device can be moved whenever you want and wherever you want. All you need is a power socket to connect the i-deck 100 and start listening to your favourite tracks.

It Transmits High-Quality Sound

The quality of sound that this device produces is unparallel. You will experience so much clarity and detailing in each song that you may not have experienced anything like it previously.  You will be able to hear all the instruments clearly whether you are listening to rock, pop, classical, country or any other type of genre.

Impressive Bass                                                                      

One of the best features of this product is its bass. You would be amazed with the deep bass that comes out of such a small sound system. The thumping bass that i-deck 100 produces is another example of elevated technology mankind has created for the betterment and pleasure of the world.

Docking Your Sound

You must have heard of iPort docks. Both the iPhone and iPod fits into the system without any difficulty and starts functioning at their best. The i-deck developers made this product by running compatibility tests one after another to ensure the best results. So while i-deck 100 produces some of the best sounds, you can also make sure that you keep your gadget safe and sound.

The retail price of the i-deck 100 is £298.99 (£249.16 exc VAT) but if you purchase it from Create Automation you get a discount of £99.99, making the final price for you will be £199.00 (£165.83 exc VAT). Shipping is free too.