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Mood Lighting Systems

Mood lighting also known as lighting control offers sophisticated control of your homes lighting circuits at the touch of a button. Lighting control systems such as the Philips Dynalite and Control4 systems allow single button presses to create lighting scenes appropriate for your mood or activity. As well as making lighting control simple and intuitive, these systems offer significant energy saving and safety benefits over traditional lighting switches.Control4 Keypad
Style and Convenience

Picture the scene, you come home at night with arms full of shopping bags, you enter the front door and simply press the 'Welcome' button', immediately all the lights through the hallway and into the kitchen illuminate your path to the kitchen. Or on leaving the property, you simply press the 'Goodbye' button, which turns all the lights off in the house simultaneously, sets the house to night mode, leaving on the outside lights and a single low energy lamp in the hallway and the alarm is set arm. This is the convenience and simplicity that only lighting control can offer.

We offer a range of smart lighting control solutions from a range of manufacturers including Control, Lutron, Philips Dynalite, Rako and Lightwave RF. Keypad buttons can be engraved with scenes of your choice and are availble in a range of stylish finishes to match your decor.
Kitchen Mood Lighting
Safety and Energy Benefits
As well as making lighting control simple and intuitive, lighting control has huge energy saving benefits. For example a lighting circuit which normally would be set at 100%, can be reduced to 80% with no visible difference to the naked eye, making a 20% saving energy. Another benefit, often overlooked, is the safety aspect of lighting control systems. Many keypads are low voltage with all the the high voltage switching handled centrally, adding extra peace of mind for parents with young children.


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