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Multi Room Audio

Multi room audio systems are becoming common place in many new build and renovation projects. Multi room music systems allows music to be easily accessed in any room, with different music playable in different rooms of the house. High quality sound is usually delivered via discreet in ceiling speakers.
iPad In Wall MountCreate Automation offer a variety of music systems from manufactuers such as Sonos, Nuvo and Systemline. All these systems are easy to use and can be controlled by either iPhone, iPad or android phone. Music can either be stored on a local hard drive or streamed directly into your house on demand, with a vast music collection easily accessible from online services such as Napster and Spotify.
The Sonos system is a very popular multi room music system which can either be wireless or hard wired into your home, we would normally advise the latter, as this gives a greater degree of reliability. The system consists of small streaming media players which are located in each room and wireless hand held controller. The players are very compact and can easily be placed in a cupboard or placed on wardrobe shelf for instance. The players are connected to the broadband router and offer access to a range of online streaming music services such as Spotify and Napster for a small monthly subscription, typically £5 - £10 per month. There are also a rnage of Free services including online radio stations and Sonos can also play music stored on a local PC or Mac.
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Sonos CR200
Nuvo Technologies
Nuvo offer a range of multi room audio systems for the home. The range consists of three hard wired solutions which include the Simplese, Essentia G and Gran Concerto. All three systems use a centrally located audio control unit with keypads located in each room or zone for control. Nuvo have also recently launched the Renovia system, which has been designed as a retrofit product and uses a property's electrical wiring system to transmit audio around the home.
Nuvo Colour Touch Screen
iPod Wall dockA range of music source options are available from Nuvo including an iPod on wall dock, DAB/FM tuner and a music server. The Nuvo music port servers allow independant music to be played in four rooms, includung music stored on the server or music streamed over the internet. All the Nuvo source components are able to display track and album information on compatible Nuvo keypads.
The Systemline modular system offers a cost effective solution for those looking to incorporate multi zone music into their home. Designed for upto 8 zones of audio with video to be distributed around your home, the system consist of amplified ceiling ceiling speakers which are controlled with a remote control hand set. The system is also available with a range of UK keypads or touch screens. 
systemline modular

Nuvo Essentia G

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Sono Mutli Room Musc System

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