Today is National Fairy Tale Day and we thought we would share with you, the story of how Create Automation began; it starts as all fairy tales do;

Once Upon a Time the people of the land had no idea where to go to get their ceiling speakers, CCTV Cameras, audio and home cinema systems.The people of the land went to their King and they asked “Where can we get a reliable service with a company that care about us, we want a company that are passionate about technology and have great offers?”

The King didn’t know what to say, he wanted to help the people of his land but what should he suggest? He sent out his workers to investigate, to find a reliable supplier with good references and excellent customer service. He stumbled across Create Automation near Nottingham and he was very impressed with what he found.

The King spread the good word to all the people of his land and everyone lived Happily Ever After!