Ever since television became commercially available in 1929, our homes have been slowly filling with home entertainment technology. From fully integrated home cinema systems to the humble tablet, pretty much all of our audio visual needs are catered for. However, with all these gadgets organisation and décor can be a bit of a problem.

Here at Create Automation we appreciate how important it is to strike a balance between technology and room layout to help keep clutter to a minimum. So, in a bid to help you avoid having any invasive looking wires, plugs, screens or speakers, we have come up with a few steps to help you keep your electronics organised and tidy.

Reign in your cords

With the advent of wireless technology this problem could soon become a thing of the past, but until then, nothing looks more cluttered and messy than masses of tangled wires and extension cords. More often than not interwoven cords are impossible to avoid, especially if you a DVD player, games console and television all set up in one corner; but there are ways to help keep your cords looking neat. If you have a wooden television stand or a desk it is sometimes worth drilling or cutting a few discreet gaps to thread your cords through; this ensures that they are easily accessible while being kept out of sight. Also, if you have a tangled mass of wires, untangle them and use elastic bands or tape to keep them side by side.

Manage your equipment

You should strive to organise your technology into specific categories; for example, have a specific shelf for gaming, one for music and one for DVDs. When it comes to home cinema systems, you should ensure that larger sub woofers are kept on the floor. Alternatively, you might want to consider wall mounted or ceiling speakers, to make best use of your available space. When it comes to TV’s they can, for better or worse, dominate any room. For this reason, you might want to consider a installing a specially made cabinet or a hidden niche so they don’t interfere too much with the rooms décor.

Organise your DVDs, CDs and Games

DVD players, speakers and consoles are just part of the problem; all of the media you play on them can cause clutter if not properly stashed away. The same goes for the wealth of manuals you’ll probably accumulate as well. Don’t just shove things onto cupboards or into drawers, instead, maybe invest in some specific containers. Shelves and bookcases can also be put to good use and, when built around the television, make for a good centrepiece and technological hub.

Ultimately, organising need not be so formal. A few extra baskets and well placed shelves and it is relatively simple to keep your electronics neat and under control.

Our full range of electronics can be viewed online but if you have any specific queries regarding your home set up, get in touch today!