George Lucas; creative genius, visionary, game-changer.
The founding father of the Star Wars saga may not have realised the cultural impact the films would have, for generations, but he certainly understood the art of making a movie that could shake the world to its core – especially when enjoyed through the sound system and high definition of a quality home cinema.
Now, Star Wars: Episode VII – The Force Awakens is set to be released in cinemas this year, bringing us up close and personal with the booming score and emotional rollercoaster of life in a Galaxy, Far, Far Away. This offers the perfect opportunity to catch up on the other six, stupendously good films in the series, with all the cinematic touches.
You can really enjoy these films as Lucas intended by watching them in high definition and hearing them through a superb surround sound system; every syllable of Jedi wisdom, every lightsaber swipe, and every beat of the phenomenal score.
These are the sounds that make the movies, and they will vibrate through your body in a spectacular way, engrossing you like never before. With the right sound system, you will feel like you are right there; battling Siths and laughing with Luke and Han.
So, to prepare you for your home cinema installation and your ultimate Star Wars experience, here are five of the saga’s best moments to enjoy with a home cinema system.
Qui-Gon Jinn’s Final Battle (The Phantom Menace)

In a very tense and emotionally fraught scene, Qui-Gon Jinn and Obi-Wan Kenobi fight Darth Maul in some seriously skilled lightsaber acrobatics. With the right speakers, you can hear every buzz, hum and hiss of the lightsabers. You’ll also hear the haunting vocals, and every flap of fabric as Darth Maul falls to his death. Most poignantly, you will hear Obi-Wan’s cry of anguish as he watches his Jedi mentor get slain.
The Rise of Darth Vader (Revenge of the Sith)

You will see (and hear) the mangled remains of Anakin Skywalker become encased in the iconic life support suit, signifying the birth of Vader. This historic moment is set to the Imperial March, booming through your speakers menacingly. We hear every moan and every hydraulic whoosh, as Vader assimilates himself with his new body and identity, before the scene ends with rattling metal, terrifying rants and Vader’s distraught “Noooooooo”.
Extreme Pod Racing (The Phantom Menace)

The iconic pod racing scene where little Anakin makes his big debut and Jaja just can’t watch in one of the saga’s finest moments. It’s not just about the action onscreen though; the sounds are just as thrilling through a home cinema system. The revs of the engine, the cheers and taunts of the crowd, the firing up of the thrusters, and the deafening “nnneeeaow” of super-fast pods screeching past; these sounds put you on the front row of the stands – there are even a few explosions. Of course, it wouldn’t be Star Wars without that all-important soundtrack too!
Darth’s Confession (The Empire Strikes Back)

After yet another tense lightsaber battle between Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader, we have our worlds rocked. Darth cuts off Luke’s hand and threatens to destroy him if he doesn’t turn to the Dark Side. Then Vader drops the bomb that he is Luke’s father. Understandably, Luke is a little taken back, if not a little distraught. Given the choice between joining his murderous father in his quest for an empire, or jumping down the bottomless pit over which he hangs, Luke opts for the latter, leaving the heavy breaths of a very serious Vader eclipsed by his own terrified screams.
Epic Opening Credits (All)

The sense of pride and excitement you get when you hear the unmistakable score and see the words filling the screen is unmatched. The mood builds and changes throughout the opening credits and theme song. The soft dreamy parts, the tense instrumental transitions, and the loud booms signifying the gripping moments that define what is quite possibly the world’s best trumpet fanfare. Another incredibly iconic aspect of the saga’s score is the Imperial March to which Vader struts his stuff. Both of these stunning score examples are only enhanced, and better enjoyed by a home cinema system.
Of course, compared to the movie masterpieces in the series, these five epic moments are just a small sample. But even these five moments alone make a home cinema system worthwhile. So find out more about our products and our installation services by browsing our site and getting in touch. Then you can sit back, relax, and enjoy the show!