When it comes to technologically advanced equipment, the biggest enemy is water.

Speakers are often used at outdoor events and music performances but they use a very thin coil of non water-resistant paper cones and this leaves a risk of damage to the speakers which can result in noise distortion, corrosion of coils or permanent damage to the speakers. This will then result in new speakers that need to be purchased. The solutions to these issues are in the form of waterproof speakers.

There are three main types to choose from when it comes to waterproof speakers, you can choose cabinet speakers, free-standing speakers or wall-mounted speakers. You can choose these waterproof speakers to be with wires or wireless – the choice is yours.

Cabinet Speakers are the most popular choice for homeowners as they are easy to use and easy to install. They can literally be installed wherever you want and are protected from all sides so can be freestanding if you so choose.

If you enjoy holding garden parties then you may find that a free standing outdoor speak is for you, it offers waterproof protection on all sides apart from the base which is usually buried into the ground, just slightly. It is highly recommended that you bring in the help of a professional to install these speakers.

Then we have ceiling speakers, these can be wall mounted or in-ceiling and then tend to be used in homes or public performances places such as theatres or cinemas. The ceiling speaker is normally waterproof on five sides with the back side not waterproof, when you put a ceiling speaker into a wall you need to ensure that the back wall will not be getting wet as this can stop the speaker from working.

It is highly important that you ensure that your ceiling speaker or in-wall speaker is installed properly or the sound quality may not be as good as it could be.

If you are looking for outdoor speakers and you are not sure of the best ones for your needs then call Create Automation and see what they recommend.