From the release of the latest Apple product to the introduction of pillows that replicate the rhythm of your other half’s heartbeat, there hasn’t yet been an invention that truly captivates the convenience of a good old British tradition, until now.

The iKettle has been designed with us Brits in mind as it allows users to pick and choose which boiling setting they want according to the type of cuppa they want; how brilliant! Synchronised with a Control4 system, the iKettle is both fun and in a way, very practical. Not only can you monitor the status of the device, you can also programme in what time of day you want your kettle to start boiling meaning that those horrible winter mornings of waiting for the kettle to boil are soon to be non-existent!

Your next cuppa can now be delivered at a variety of heats appropriate for the kind of cuppa you want including 65C for green tea, 80C for white tea, 95C for coffee or black tea or alternatively 100C, perfect for a lovely herbal tea. If you’d like to keep your kettle warm for when you get home or out of bed after a long lay in, the iKettle is equipped with a ‘warming mode’ which allows you to keep the water warm while you get organised. This is easily done through custom programming.

Also, you can even link it to your control4 system in order to incorporate the technology into your daily wakeup call! Extra vegetables even states that you will be able to hook the device up to your home security system so that you can enjoy a fresh brew the moment you return home!

The device itself can actually be controlled through an app applicable for both iOS and Android phones and tablets. Through this app, the iKettle’s current status will then be updated through your Control4 system. In addition, your Control4 UI will provide not only the status but the option to turn the kettle on and off. Simple!

As for the design of the kettle itself, it’s not only a fantastic piece of technology; it is also a very good kettle with a nice stainless steel finish. However, if you’d prefer to change colours, there is a diverse range of bespoke skins available on the market that you can use in order to match your style and personality.

Typically speaking, this kettle slots in nicely into the designer league due to its price and high-end design and costs around £99.99 to purchase. It is available to buy on Amazon where you can purchase it from Firebox. The driver that is also available to purchase ranges from around £20 and if you have more than one device in your home, the license that comes with it covers them all!

The iKettle is an advanced piece of technology that works to tackle those dreaded Monday mornings and help us Brits wake up feeling fresh and ready for the day ahead!