Here at Create Automation we love a trip to the cinema and agree it is definitely a favourite when it comes to family activities and days out with friends. However, often, the only thing holding us back is the cost. Though we may claim it’s worth seeing the next big blockbuster, even one trip to the cinema can leave us out of pocket until the next payday. So, what can we do?

Enter: home cinema systems. These systems are fantastic, not only because they offer an incredible cinematic experience, but also because they are true to size, meaning they will not disappoint anyone who loves watching movies on the big screen.

So, in the spirit of the home cinema system, let’s take a look at the top five things we love about home cinemas. For luxury home cinema systems, click here today!

What We Love

  • Today, we can find these systems at an affordable price. This means each and every homeowner has the opportunity to incorporate a bit of state-of-the-art tech into their home.

  • Not only are they cost-efficient, you also don’t need a mansion to accommodate all of the associated technology. Meaning less time worrying about where to put it all and more time spent snuggling on the sofa with the family.

  • The sound quality that comes with these systems is unparalleled. You will feel like you’re right in the movie, especially if you strategically place your stereo systems around the room. Watch out! You may just spook yourself in the next horror flick you watch!

  • As well as having the hottest tech, you also have such an assortment in films and TV shows. Whether you’re a bit of a Family Guy fan, or you’re a guy who prefers something a little more sci-fi, sites like Netflix and Amazon Prime let you keep up to a date with your movie collection. This all comes without having to splash out on DVDs every time you fancy watching a film; it only requires a small monthly or annual fee, and you have a world of movies at your fingertips.

  • On top of all this, you have such a variety in tech that you’re spoilt for choice! From HD projectors and compatible televisions, to the latest and greatest surround sound systems, you can create a truly bespoke cinematic experience.

Where Can You Buy?

So, if you’re won over by the countless reasons why home cinema systems are fantastic, you may be wondering where you can purchase them. Well, here at, we stock a range of home cinema tech, with everything you need for a successful and state-of-the-art set-up. Please feel free to look through our collection or get in touch today if you have any enquiries via our website.