Ceiling Speakers are a great way of creating an audio system in your home. Here are some top tips for installing ceiling speakers in your ceiling.


  • Using a step ladder, climb the steps and then draw the outline of the speaker on your ceiling with pencil, leave out the screw holes of the ceiling speakers.


  • You then need to take your drill and a large drill bit, drill a hole in the centre of the pencilled circle and then put the tip of your hand saw in the drilled hole. You then need to saw out the circle, cutting the edges as close to the pencilled line as possible.


  • Take your ceiling speaker and place it in the sawed hole, then take your drill and a small drill bit to make holes for the screws to go into the ceiling


  • Put the ceiling speaker to one site, take a medium drill bit and your drill and drill the holes you made with the small drill bits, then take a wall anchor and tap it into the ceiling with a hammer, ensure each wall anchor is flush with the ceiling and it does not stick out.


  • Pick up the ceiling speaker again and put it back on the hole, then screw into place through the mounting holes of the ceiling speakers. If the ceiling speaker has a separate speaker cover you must secure this in place once the ceiling speaker is firmly in your ceiling.


You can then sit back and relax with your new wonderful surround sound room, where you can enjoy watching movies and playing your favourite tunes.


Some ceiling speaker experts, like Create Automation, can sell the ceiling speakers to you and offer ceiling speaker installation too.