When it comes to choosing the right ceiling speakers for your home it may be wise to speak to an expert as there are different styles of ceiling speakers on the market and a ceiling speaker expert will be able to advise you on the best ceiling speakers for your home.

In this article we discuss the three main types of Ceiling Speakers;

The Recessed Speakers – these are speakers where a hole is cut into your ceiling and then a recessed ceiling speaker is mounted into this space. These types of speakers are aesthetically pleasing as they are designed to look like light fixtures and therefore blend into the ceiling better. When choosing these speakers a great deal of installation work needs to go into hiding the wires within the ceiling.

Another type of ceiling speaker is the hanging speaker; these ceiling speakers are of cylindrical shape and look very decorative as they are designed to look like Fresnel Lights. It is possible to have these ceiling speakers as wired or wireless and they can either hang from their wires or you can hang them from movable mounting bars. A great thing about this style of ceiling speakers is that they can be directed into any direction which will help to enhance the sound quality in the room.

You can also consider multiple room speakers, this means when the ceiling speakers are installed the wires are joined together and then you can use a control panel so you can turn on certain speakers at certain volumes from one main control box.