Today we will give you a brief review and comparison of two of the best speaker systems by Yamaha; the NS-B700 Bookshelf Speaker and NS-IC400 Ceiling Speakers. If you are looking for a good speaker system for your home or office, this review might just be what you are looking for to make the decision.

Yamaha NS-B700 Bookshelf Speaker
Yamaha NS-B700 Bookshelf Speaker
The Yamaha NS-B700 bookshelf Speaker is an extremely affordable speaker system. While cost effective, it still comes with all the basic features that a user requires from a stereo sound system. The sound of this system is crystal clear and loud enough for an average sized room. However, putting this stereo system in an open hall will affect the overall sound experience.

Yamaha NS-IC400

Ceiling Speakers This set of ceiling speakers is extremely promising as well. The sound is clear and because it’s a ceiling speaker set, you get a very different feel of how you hear your music as compared to regular speakers, or specifically the Yamaha NS-B700 Bookshelf Speakers. Yamaha NS-IC400 Ceiling Speakers look good, sound good and most importantly they are more than enough to cover up an average sized room.

The Comparison

Both of the speaker systems provide clear sound, however, depending on a room’s setting one should decide which system they want to go with. If it’s a bedroom then ceiling speakers will create a soothing environment with the music played on them. Yamaha NS-IC400 Ceiling Speakers are also ideal for hallways or the TV rooms. However, if you want to use speakers with your computer or iPad, you should go with the Yamaha NS-B700 Bookshelf Speaker.
Yamaha NS-IC400 Ceiling Speakers