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Star Wars Saga: The Ultimate Home Cinema Experience

Posted by India Mears on 4/23/2015
The founding father of the Star Wars saga may not have realised the cultural impact the films would have, for generations, but he certainly understood the art of making a movie that could shake the world to its core – especially when enjoyed through the sound system and high definition of a quality home cinema.

Creating That Perfect Home Cinema Environment

Posted by India Mears on 4/7/2015
The good thing about home cinemas is that practically any room can be turned into one, even your lounge. Ideally though, a home cinema will require a four-wall setup, in order to optimise the acoustic and the atmosphere.

Industry Leaders: Control4

Posted by India Mears on 3/3/2015
As a supplier of home automation technology, designed to transform your property into a Smart Home, we recognise the importance of not only affordability, but also the efficacy of investments. That is why we offer products from some of the industry’s leading home tech brands, such as Control4.

The Power of Technology

Posted by India Mears on 2/20/2015
Technology has become an integral part of day to day life, with every type of tech weaving its way into not only our work lives, but our leisure time at home as well. Because of this, ensuring your home is well equipped to cater for the growing list of latest and greatest devices on the market is important. However, just for a moment, let’s take a step back and look at the power of technology and what it can bring to our lives

Unique Ideas For Hosting a Spring House Party

Posted by India Mears on 2/7/2015
House parties are immensely fun, not to mention loud! In today’s post, we will talk about hosting parties with a slightly different twist. Instead of mentioning items commonly seen at most parties, we have improvised a little to give your party the Create Automation touch.

Home Automation in 2015

Posted by India Mears on 1/26/2015
Much is expected of the home automation industry in 2015, and if the latest news coming out of the circuit is any indication, it looks like the industry is ready for the challenge. Create Automation certainly is.

Amplify Your Gaming Experience

Posted by India Mears on 1/14/2015
Like it or not, gaming has become an integral part of modern day life. Teens and adults alike find great joy in settling down after a long day at school or work, switching on their console and getting lost in a world of adventure or shoot-em-ups. It is because of this that gamers, both novice and experienced, are seeking new ways of enhancing their gaming experience.

Host a Retro Gaming Night

Posted by India Mears on 1/6/2015
The world of gaming has evolved massively over the past few decades. Today, we have a plethora of options on an impressive assortment of consoles, including the option to play online with gamers from all around the world. With everything from the Xbox One to popular iPad games, there is no telling what the industry will look like ten years from now.

Top Five Things We Love About Home Cinemas

Posted by India Mears on 12/8/2014
A trip to the cinema is definitely a favourite when it comes to family activities and days out with friends. However, often, the only thing holding us back is the cost. Though we may claim it’s worth seeing the next big blockbuster, even one trip to the cinema can leave us out of pocket until the next payday. So, what can we do?

Speaking Of Speakers

Posted by India Mears on 11/27/2014
At Create Automation everyone loves music and everyone is keen on getting the best sound quality. As such, we all love our sound systems. But when quizzed about the technical specifications of it, nine out of ten people will probably draw a blank. This is one of the reason why purchasing speakers is a daunting task for some because they don’t know exactly what to look for and more importantly what they need. Hence the reason for this post. Here, we will talk about speakers in the simplest possible way so as to explain the finer aspects to our readers and target audience.

New Year, New Home: Tech for 2015

Posted by India Mears on 11/19/2014
When the New Year rolls around, we all spend a lot of time thinking about what we can change and improve on, and how we can make the next 12 months even more spectacular than the last. More often than not, we think about giving ourselves a bit of a revamp and commit to New Year’s Resolutions to that effect.

IP Cameras for Security

Posted by Create Automation on 11/5/2014
IP Cameras for Security
An internet protocol camera, or IP camera, is used for a variety of reasons with one of the most common being to enhance the security of your home. Acting as a surveillance device, an IP camera can offer adequate protection against theft and property damage, not to mention provide you with a clear image all year round...

Go Hi-Tech This Halloween

Posted by Maria Green on 10/29/2014
With the trend of hi-tech homes going global, there is no avoiding the need to update and refresh the technology in your home, and what better time to make the shift into an advanced market than on Halloween? Not only will you be able to invite your friends and family over to enjoy your new wireless speakers or in-wall iPad dock at your annual Halloween do; you can enjoy this technology all year round too.

Making a Smart Home From the Ground Up

Posted by Create Automation on 9/26/2014

One of the key benefits of investing in technology is that it brings about innovation that is almost always an improvement over the current technology. What is regarded as the de facto standard today could be obsolete technology within a week. That’s how fast technology has been moving ahead in certain disciplines. Home automation is one of them. And that means that homeowners should make sure that the wiring and connections in their homes are capable of handling home automation and of delivering modern telecommunications and entertainment.

How To Reduce Echo and Reverb In A Room

Posted by Create Automation on 9/14/2014

If you have spent any amount of time in a building or room with large, empty walls and hard floors, you will have noticed the unmistakable echo and reverb of the sounds bouncing back off them. This can leave the sound seeming poor, making the listening experience less pleasurable or effective.

Remarkable things that have been done with sound

Posted by Create Automation on 9/1/2014

Sound is one of life’s constants, so much so that periods of silence have become all the more noticeable. However, aside from its everyday uses like music from ceiling speakers or announcements over tannoy systems, other strange things have been done with sound; some of which have led to some interesting medical military and artistic applications.

If you read these out load and you may not believe your ears, as we take a look at some of the weird and wonderful things done with sound!

A summer garden party with Create Automation

Posted by Create Automation on 8/17/2014

Summer is a wonderful time to get all the family together for a BBQ or mini outdoor party to make the most of the lovely weather and spend some quality time together.

While you can splash out on fancy equipment and finger foods, there is a cost-effective way to throw an awesome get-together without putting yourself out of pocket. Here at Create Automation, we offer an array of devices ideal for a summer garden party.

Three Quality Ceiling Speakers Available from Create Automation

Posted by Create Automation on 8/1/2014

Here at Create Automation we pride ourselves on supplying a varied selection of quality ceiling speakers. In this blog we have outlined just three of our favourites which would make an impressive addition to any home entertainment system.

 So, whether you are looking to give your sound system a boost, or improve the sound quality in your living room, take a look at these three speaker systems available from Create Automation. 

Feeling in control of your Tech

Posted by Create Automation on 7/18/2014

From the humble remote to the marvellous motion sensor of the Xbox, it’s clear to see that technology has come a long way. Just about every nook and cranny of our life’s can now be altered by some form of device. However, there has always been a fundamental principle that has remained consistent throughout…….Control! Our need for control goes far beyond the realms of just narcissistic and egocentric tendencies - deemed by many psychologists as an inherent human need. Tech firms (latching on to our deep-rooted sense of neediness), shower us with control – centric gadgetry to put users (us) at the heart of the action. “Cyber psychology.”   

Understanding Speaker Impedance

Posted by Create Automation on 7/4/2014

Understanding speaker impedance, what it is and how it works is not that difficult. Unfortunately due to a lot of misinformation on the internet, it has become somewhat of a complex issue that most shoppers tend to avoid. Understanding speaker impedance will help you to get the most out of your amplifier and speakers. Even if you are not keen on pushing things to the limit, having knowledge of your speaker’s capabilities as well as limitations can come in very handy and are invaluable if you are shopping for a home cinema system or a good quality entertainment system.

Organising your electronics

Posted by Create Automation on 5/9/2014
Ever since television became commercially available in 1929, our homes have been slowly filling with home entertainment technology. From fully integrated home cinema systems to the humble tablet, pretty much all of our audio visual needs are catered for. However, with all these gadgets organisation and décor can be a bit of a problem.

Home Cinema Speakers from Focal

Posted by Create Automation on 4/18/2014
When it comes to home cinema systems, none will argue that the centre piece is either going to be an enormous television or a projector and screen. However, it stands to reason that if you are going to invest time and money in setting up an audio visual hub, you want an equally impressive set of speakers to do your set up justice.

Top 3 Rock Bands To Test on Your New Speakers

Posted by Create Automation on 4/1/2014

Here at Create Automation, we offer an array of on-wall amplifiers and speakers designed to enhance your overall home music experience. So, whether it’s Kramer’s In-Wall Speakers or Nuvo’s on-wall amplifier that takes your fancy, we want to introduce you to just 5 rock bands to test on your brand new home automation. Let’s start with an old favourite.

Why Choose Create Automation As Your Main Supplier

Posted by Create Automation on 3/23/2014

Create Automation are a company specialising in home technology and aim to deliver only the best in service, delivery and product. In this blog post, we want to introduce you to the benefits of choosing our company as your main home technology supplier and explain as to why you should choose us over other big name companies on the market.

5 Technologies We Take For Granted

Posted by Create Automation on 3/16/2014

With huge technology brands such as Control4 beginning to play an ever growing role in our everyday lifestyles, the desire for new, hi-tech additions to the market is growing and every day we take technology for granted. In this article we will be discussing the advances in technology that we use on a regular basis and don’t take the time to be thankful for.

The iKettle

Posted by Create Automation on 3/9/2014

From the release of the latest Apple product to the introduction of pillows that replicate the rhythm of your other half’s heartbeat, there hasn’t yet been an invention that truly captivates the convenience of a good old British tradition, until now.

The Power Of Sound

Posted by Create Automation on 3/1/2014

The power of sound can be found almost anywhere in life, whether you’re on the street, at a concert or even in your home; sound can be both inspirational and electrifying. One of the greatest representatives of just how powerful sound can be is in the Mercedes car advert which was released in early October last year.

Bundles of Noise: Bluetooth Wireless Speakers

Posted by Create Automation on 2/17/2014
In recent years ceiling speakers have become increasingly popular in domestic and commercial settings. This growing popularity of ceiling speakers is testament to how some of the biggest twenty-first century trends come from technological developments that eventually become everyday fixtures.

Why Should You Mount Your Speakers With Wall Brackets?

Posted by Create Automation on 1/15/2014
No matter how good of a sound system you have, if you haven’t installed it the right way you will struggle to get the overall experience.

Top 3 Apple iPad Accessories For 2013

Posted by Create Automation on 12/10/2013
Apple iPad accessories are as exciting as the Apple iPad itself. Apple has introduced some very cool iPad accessories; some of them just make the iPad more amusing while some improve its overall user friendliness. Below are some of the coolest Apple iPad accessories that are currently available to purchase.

Control4 launches new square wired keypads

Posted by Create Automation on 11/27/2013
Those looking to add an extra dimension to their home cinema systems, lighting features and ceiling speakers should look no further, as major electronics company Control4 has recently launched a brand new keypad to be used alongside its extensive range of electronic products.

Yamaha NSP150PB Centre and Rear Speaker System – Product Review

Posted by Create Automation on 10/30/2013
There are many good speaker systems available to choose from in the market. However, the most desired home cinema systems tend to be 5.1 channel surround sound systems. While there are various companies offering 5.1 channel sound systems, Yamaha has a reputation for quality. Today we will give you a preview of Yamaha NSP150PB Centre and Rear Speaker System.

Beer barrels and fruit bowls: the new designs for audio speakers

Posted by Create Automation on 10/25/2013
Creative and cutting edge, audio speaker designs are not only becoming more unconventional but they’re also leading to more possibilities when placed in our homes, including as artistic centre pieces and for providing high quality home cinema systems.

Yamaha NS-B700 Bookshelf Speaker VS Yamaha NS-IC400 Ceiling Speakers

Posted by Create Automation on 10/20/2013
Today we will give you a brief review and comparison of two of the best speaker systems by Yamaha; the NS-B700 Bookshelf Speaker and NS-IC400 Ceiling Speakers. If you are looking for a good speaker system for your home or office, this review might just be what you are looking for to make the decision.

The BluCube CXW-650 Outdoor Weatherproof Speakers

Posted by Create Automation on 10/10/2013

We at Create Automation have always strived hard to make sure that our online product inventory showcases the most efficient sound systems that display the highest standards of quality, ingenuity, and innovation. We undertake numerous tasks that help us with this goal but user feedback is no doubt the most valuable tool we have at our disposal. 

Soundproofing For Music Enthusiasts

Posted by Create Automation on 10/3/2013

Some people might wonder why on earth would people who are big on entertainment and loud music, want to soundproof their home theatre system. They may not realize it but they just answered their own question! People who are diehard music enthusiasts or those really passionate about creating the cinema experience at home always make sure that they soundproof their theatre room. The purpose behind it is simple; keep the outside noise out and the inside sound in, for an overall improved sound experience.

In Wall Speakers Vs In-Ceiling Speakers

Posted by Create Automation on 9/25/2013

Deciding between in-wall and in-ceiling speakers can be quite a daunting task. Both have their own advantages as well as limitations. Though common sense would dictate that both should be used as needed, the reality is that there might arise certain situations where using one particular type might make more sense both cost-wise and from a feasibility point of view over its counterpart. 

A 5.1 Channel Speaker System or a 7.1: Which One Should You Chose?

Posted by Create Automation on 9/15/2013
There is no doubt that surround sound systems have changed the way we watch movies or listen to music. However, there isn’t just one type of surround sound system available, there are many of types when it comes to surround sound home cinema systems and there are differences regarding the ‘channels’ as well. 

World’s First Integrated Wireless 3D Home Cinema Speaker System

Posted by Create Automation on 9/5/2013
The home entertainment industry has always thrived on innovation and imagination. Every day we come across different products and devices all field tested and proven to be better and more efficient than their predecessors. Last month, we saw yet another instance of the bar being raised with a contender making its way into the home entertainment arena claiming to be the world’s first integrated wireless 3D home cinema speaker system. The news went viral instantly creating quite a buzz on social media. Many tech pundits and enthusiasts are already singing its praises and can’t wait to get their hands on it when it hits the market late August.

IP Cameras And Their Benefits

Posted by Create Automation on 8/20/2013
A common misconception about IP cameras is that they are too pricey for your needs, which is why some people choose to opt for classic analog cameras. Here are a few reasons why IP cameras are superior over the old analog cameras.

Create Automation CREATES Another Happy Customer

Posted by Create Automation on 8/7/2013
We were thrilled to receive this email from one of our clients;

Create Automation - Open day

Posted by Mark Smith on 7/24/2013
Smart Home Open Day Invite - Friday 2nd and Saturday 3rd August 2013

Are you looking to incorporate smart home technology into your property, then why not come to the Create Automation Open Day in Nottingham. With the latest smart home technology being demonstrated and fresh Cup Cakes, you can bask in gadget heaven !!

Yamaha RXA730 AV Receiver

Posted by Mark Smith on 7/23/2013
The Yamaha RXA730 is now available in the UK for the Custom Installation market.

Wireless speakers

Posted by Mark Smith on 6/27/2013
Wires can be the bane of everyone’s lives – always in the way, they make you trip over, gather endless amount of dusts and don’t look anaesthetically to say the least.

Could You Cope With This Sound?

Posted by I3media on 6/24/2013
Here at Create Automation we sell an amazing selection of ceiling speakers that offer an excellent quality of sound and now we know why – nobody likes silence, as proven by the room in this image. It sends people insane with hallucinations!

How Do I Install My IP Camera?

Posted by i3media on 6/14/2013
Many homeowners purchase IP Cameras to help keep tabs on their home when they are away on holiday or out of the house late in the evening or through the day.

What Are The Different Types Of Ceiling Speakers?

Posted by i3media on 6/10/2013
When it comes to choosing the right ceiling speakers for your home it may be wise to speak to an expert as there are different styles of ceiling speakers on the market and a ceiling speaker expert will be able to advise you on the best ceiling speakers for your home.

The Use of Outdoor Speakers

Posted by i3media on 5/30/2013
When it comes to technologically advanced equipment, the biggest enemy is water. Speakers are often used at outdoor events and music performances but they use a very thin coil of non water-resistant paper cones and this leaves a risk of damage to the speakers which can result in noise distortion, corrosion of coils or permanent damage to the speakers. This will then result in new speakers that need to be purchased. The solutions to these issues are in the form of waterproof speakers.

Tune Up Your Office

Posted by i3media on 5/25/2013
A lot of people like to work while listening to music. In fact, a lot of students also find it easy to study while there is some music played in the room in low volume.

Pro-Footballer Creates Ultimate Lad Pad

Posted by I3media on 4/22/2013
Would you like your home to match a pro-footballers ultimate lad-pad? Create Automation recently met with a Nottingham Forest Football Player to create the ultimate crib for him, the work was discussed and the job was completed.
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