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Why Choose Create Automation As Your Main Supplier

Posted by Create Automation on 3/23/2014

Create Automation are a company specialising in home technology and aim to deliver only the best in service, delivery and product. In this blog post, we want to introduce you to the benefits of choosing our company as your main home technology supplier and explain as to why you should choose us over other big name companies on the market.

5 Technologies We Take For Granted

Posted by Create Automation on 3/16/2014

With huge technology brands such as Control4 beginning to play an ever growing role in our everyday lifestyles, the desire for new, hi-tech additions to the market is growing and every day we take technology for granted. In this article we will be discussing the advances in technology that we use on a regular basis and don’t take the time to be thankful for.

The iKettle

Posted by Create Automation on 3/9/2014

From the release of the latest Apple product to the introduction of pillows that replicate the rhythm of your other half’s heartbeat, there hasn’t yet been an invention that truly captivates the convenience of a good old British tradition, until now.

The Power Of Sound

Posted by Create Automation on 3/1/2014

The power of sound can be found almost anywhere in life, whether you’re on the street, at a concert or even in your home; sound can be both inspirational and electrifying. One of the greatest representatives of just how powerful sound can be is in the Mercedes car advert which was released in early October last year.

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