Feeling in control of your Tech

From the humble remote to the marvellous motion sensor of the Xbox, it’s clear to see that technology has come a long way. Just about every nook and cranny of our life’s can now be altered by some form of device. However, there has always been a fundamental principle that has remained consistent throughout…….Control! Our need for control goes far beyond the realms of just narcissistic and egocentric tendencies - deemed by many psychologists as an inherent human need. Tech firms (latching on to our deep-rooted sense of neediness), shower us with control – centric gadgetry to put users (us) at the heart of the action. “Cyber psychology.”   

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Understanding Speaker Impedance

Understanding speaker impedance, what it is and how it works is not that difficult. Unfortunately due to a lot of misinformation on the internet, it has become somewhat of a complex issue that most shoppers tend to avoid. Understanding speaker impedance will help you to get the most out of your amplifier and speakers. Even if you are not keen on pushing things to the limit, having knowledge of your speaker’s capabilities as well as limitations can come in very handy and are invaluable if you are shopping for a home cinema system or a good quality entertainment system.

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