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In Wall Speakers Vs In-Ceiling Speakers

Posted by Create Automation on 9/25/2013

Deciding between in-wall and in-ceiling speakers can be quite a daunting task. Both have their own advantages as well as limitations. Though common sense would dictate that both should be used as needed, the reality is that there might arise certain situations where using one particular type might make more sense both cost-wise and from a feasibility point of view over its counterpart. 

A 5.1 Channel Speaker System or a 7.1: Which One Should You Chose?

Posted by Create Automation on 9/15/2013
There is no doubt that surround sound systems have changed the way we watch movies or listen to music. However, there isn’t just one type of surround sound system available, there are many of types when it comes to surround sound home cinema systems and there are differences regarding the ‘channels’ as well. 

World’s First Integrated Wireless 3D Home Cinema Speaker System

Posted by Create Automation on 9/5/2013
The home entertainment industry has always thrived on innovation and imagination. Every day we come across different products and devices all field tested and proven to be better and more efficient than their predecessors. Last month, we saw yet another instance of the bar being raised with a contender making its way into the home entertainment arena claiming to be the world’s first integrated wireless 3D home cinema speaker system. The news went viral instantly creating quite a buzz on social media. Many tech pundits and enthusiasts are already singing its praises and can’t wait to get their hands on it when it hits the market late August.
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