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Amina Mobius 7i Single Channel Speaker Panel - 75W
Amina Mobius 7i Single Channel Invisible Speakers - 75W Panel

Amina Mobius 7i Single Channel Speaker Panel - 75W

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Part Number:Mobius 7i

The Mobius 7i is designed to be completely installed in a standard dry-wall and uses a Distributed Mode Loudspeaker (DML) design that disperses sound across the room better than traditional cone speakers. They overcome obstacles such as glass, walls, and blocking pieces of furniture and fill the room with sounds from all directions. The sound source is hard to locate and completely undetectable to the eye. They are integrated between studs or straight into a solid wall and are fitted with a black-box. Delivering excellent mid-range and high-frequency performance, these speakers are acoustically brilliant and aesthetically pleasing.

The invisible loudspeakers produce higher sound-pressure levels from their 75 W single-channel panels. The panels radiate sound when covered by a coat of leather, veneers, lamination, or wood paneling. They are impervious to moisture and corrosive elements and offer durable long-term performance. The speaker has a smoother low-frequency extension and boasts of increased power handling capabilities.


  • Invisible Speakers
  • 75w Panel
  • Single Channel
  • OptiDamping Technology
  • OptiDrive Performance
  • ToneRelief Technology
  • 70Hz - 29kHz Frequency Response
  • 4 ohms Nominal Impedance
  • Reduced Resonance
  • Available in Different Finishes

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