Control4 Smart Home Drawing
Smart Home Wiring Guide

This smart home wiring guide will allow you to fully wire a property to include full control of all aspects of the propert including Multi-Room Audio, Home Cinema, Heating, Lighting, Gate Control etc. Ideal for those people looking to incorporate a full smart home automation system such as the Control4.
Home Cinema Speaker Position Guides
Home Cinema speaker positions are an important part of any Home Cinema setup. Here we have provided a link to a full guide to speaker positions as suggested by Dolby.
For further information on speaker placement including Video tutorials, visit the Dolby Website Here.

Heating Control Guides
Heating controls have become an essential part of any new or re-furbished property. Significant cost savings can be achieved by using heating controls to properly manage the heat in property. Traditionally a single thermostat has been sited in a single room in a property, usually kitchen or Hallway to control the temperature throughout the property. This is quite an inefficent way of managing the temperature and therefore more sophisticated programmable thermostats and multi zone systems have been developed. The Heatmiser Neo system is an example of this new crop of intelligent heating controls. This system allows users to program multiple set temperatures during the day, i,e the temperature can be reduced whilst occupants are at work or during the night for example, saving on gas consumption. The system also allows multi zone control incduding underfloor heating systems when used in conjunction with the UH3 wiring centre. A further advantage for those looking to implement home automation, is that it also compatible with a range of smart home systems including Control4.