Ceiling Speakers have become increasingly popular in recent years, with many home owners, self builders and developers alike, looking to integrate multi room audio systems into a home with the minimum aesthetic impact. Not only will ceiling speakers dramatically improve listeners access to music, but they also have the advantage of blending effortlessly with your decor, making them virtually invisible in a room.

Which size speakers do I need...

Speaker size will depend on the size of the room and how you listen to your music. As a general rule we advise that in a multi room audio system, an 8" ceiling speaker will give best all round performance making it ideal for lounges, kitchens and bedrooms. For those people who like to play there music a little louder or in larger spaces and open plan areas we recommend 10" ceiling speakers can be a good option. 

What type of speaker is best...

For multi room audio systems, 8" and 10' speaker pairs offer the best all round performance. Single stereo speakers are ideal for smaller spaces such as cloakrooms, while wet room speakers can be used in shower rooms and En-Suites. Weatherproof speakers are ideally suited for extreme environments such as sauna's and outdoor areas and if you want your speakers to be totally invisible, we offer a range of spotlight speakers and plaster-in invisible speakers. 

For home cinema we offer a range of dedicated home cinema speakers including front, left, centre, surround and Atmos speakers.

What can I connect my ceiling speakers too...

In order to listen to your ceiling speakers, you will need some sort of amplifier. For single room installations a Bluetooth or Airplay amplifier will allow you to connect your phone directly to the amplifier and play music through your speakers. For multi room audio, systems such as Sonos are quick and easy to setup and will allow you to play music from your phone or stream music over the internet from services such as Spotify, Napster and Deezer. If you ceiling speakers are for a Home Cinema or Dolby Atmos you will need a compatible AV receiver.

Click the links below for more information on the amplifiers we offer:

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Sonos System
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Bluetooth Systems
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Yamaha Atmos Receiver

Cinema Amplifiers
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How do I install my ceiling speakers...

Most ceiling speakers are very straight forward to install with only a few simple tools required to complete the job. A marking pencil, philips screwdriver, wire cutters and plasterboard saw should be adequate to fit most modern speakers into the ceiling. See our installation video below:

Buy my ceiling speakers...

Browse our range of ceiling speakers from leading manufacturers including KEF, Monitor Audio, Sonance, BluCube and many more here.

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