Here at Create Automation we say that when the New Year rolls around, we all spend a lot of time thinking about what we can change and improve on, and how we can make the next 12 months even more spectacular than the last. More often than not, we think about giving ourselves a bit of a revamp and commit to New Year’s Resolutions to that effect.
You don’t have to limit your New Year’s Resolutions and revamps to yourself though. Your home can benefit from a bit of a refresh too. Now that doesn’t mean you have to repaint, renovate and redecorate every inch; you can just give the place a bit of a boost with a technology upgrade.
As with any makeover, the fun comes from a top to toe transformation. So let’s take a look at three tech-based New Year’s Resolutions for your home in 2015.

  • Look (and sound) just as good on the outside, as on the in
First impressions matter, and sometimes, it is what is on the outside that counts. Outdoor speakers may not make much sense right now, in the middle of winter, but when the spring and summer roll around you will be glad you invested in a new addition in the New Year. Whether you plan on lounging away in your sun-trap of a back garden or hosting lots of al fresco parties for your friends, outdoor speakers will help you take the party outside. Visit our website for the markets best outdoor speaker deals!

  • Be fabulous top to toe
 To really feel the full effect of a New Year’s makeover, you need to start at the top and work your way down. And what is at the top of your home? The ceiling. Now, ceilings aren’t always the most interesting of features, but when you add state-of-the-art ceiling speakers, you can liven up any room. Combine these speakers with a home cinema system, and you will have a fantastic cinematic experience every day for the rest of the year. Now, if that doesn’t give you something to look forward to when you head home, nothing will.
  • Practice self-control
Self-control and willpower are two things we all try to practice as part of our New Year’s resolutions, and there is no reason you can’t encourage control at home. There are plenty of in-wall docks for iPads which, along with the right apps, can help you to control the lighting and electrics in your home. If you want a specific home control system though, you have plenty of choice to suit all needs and budgets here at Take a look at the various wall stations and automated home control systems to find one that will make your life easier, and your home run smoother, in the New Year.
Now these are just three ways you can give your home a technology upgrade in 2015. It is an easy, effective and a very modern way to give the place a makeover. So browse our site, get in touch for more information and decide on some tech-based New Year’s Resolutions for your home. Then have fun enjoying them!