Some people might wonder why on earth would people who are big on entertainment and loud music, want to soundproof their home theatre system. They may not realize it but they just answered their own question! People who are diehard music enthusiasts or those really passionate about creating the cinema experience at home always make sure that they soundproof their theatre room. The purpose behind it is simple; keep the outside noise out and the inside sound in, for an overall improved sound experience.

Soundproofing is generally an expensive venture but it doesn’t have to be. There are a number of things that can be done to a room to properly isolate sound that aren’t too taxing on the wallet. Today’s post will highlight a few such tips and tricks.

Installing Foam Tape on Doors

Using foam tape around the door frame makes for a much better air seal. It will limit the amount of sound that comes through a door. Attach a plastic door sweep at the very bottom for added protection. It should be thick enough to close the gap between the door and the saddle just brushing it gently. People who have used this technique have reported very encouraging results.

Foam Rubber Pad for the Subwoofer     

The subwoofer is an integral component of any sound system. It generates mass amounts of bass that essentially provides ‘the kick’ to any home theatre system. However unlike high frequency sounds, bass is much harder to soundproof as a big chunk of it passes through the floor below. To reduce that, place a one or two inch thick foam rubber pad underneath the subwoofer. Another way to fix the problem without affecting bass quality is to remove the subwoofer completely from the picture and instead get ceiling speakers that are big enough to produce bass on their own. This is equally effective.  

Acoustic Soundproofing

Insulating the areas where ceiling speakers are installed by placing an acoustic fire hood is a great way to reduce audio loss. Installing them is even mandatory in some countries. They are not that expensive and you can find them at a bargain online.

The main theme to take from this post is that soundproofing is serious business and well worth the cost. It goes a long way in creating a great home theatre experience for all those who use it. One simply cannot create a home cinema system without factoring soundproofing in the overall calculations.