Isn’t it just better when your life flows seamlessly?

We agree, and with the new Control4 OS 2.3 you can manage everything around your home. If you want to set your brightness of a light for example, you simply set it’s brightness on the Control4 and save it in its memory for future reference.

You can even use it to control the sound of your ceiling speakers so that every room you walk into plays music at a certain volume. You could even create a reminder through your ceiling speakers if you have forgotten to close the garage properly. Impressive, I know. What’s even more impressive is that the music can be sent and controlled to a speaker point via analog, or streamed over Ethernet or even wirelessly.

The Control4 is an innovative way to control how everything in your home fits in with your way of life, and all at a fingertip. This is a simple but effective way of adding style and sophistication to any home and will have your guests in ore. If you set your lights, speakers etc. to a way that you are happy with, you will never have to change them again which will mean you can have that desired flow you were looking for.

Changing the lighting and the music is simple too, all you have to do is edit them to your preference via touch screens or your PC and be on your way again. The Control4 OS 2.3 is purpose built for high performance and is the pinnacle in automation controllers. This clever gadget is the future of your home and your life. Controlling the things you enjoy in your home has never been easier.

Once you have purchased your new Control4 you’ll never understand why you hadn’t had one earlier. Welcome to the life that flows.