Sir, yes sir! This new idea from iPort should be the uniform way to control the music in your home.

The iPort IW21 iPod/iPhone dock kit by Sonance has produced a way to integrate music into any room around your house. The dock is mounted flush onto the wall of your home and can go wherever you want it to go, making it convenient for you to control what track you listen to and when you want to.

This is an elegant and stylish way to improve the look of your home as well as ‘wowing’ your friends and family. If you want to hide the iPort in-wall fitting, (we don’t think you will) then this can be done too by simply mounting it into a cupboard for example. The iPort dock kit does not just come with the wall mount though, it also comes with a 50 Watt compact digital amplifier, a pair of Q Acoustics 8” ceiling speakers and the correct leads to wire your new music system together.

The bundle completes the must-have system that every home should have. It doesn’t just have to be used at home either. The amplifier also carries a microphone input which means it is also ideal for use in retail too.

Sonance has created a versatile dock for your Apple product that twinned with the impressive ceiling speakers, makes on hell of a combination. The iPort is the evolutionarily way to listen to your favourite tunes either at home or at work. Getting the iPort in itself is a great addition to your life but getting the ceiling speakers and the compact digital amplifier is just the cherry on the top.

Once you have the iPort you will always wonder why you hadn’t had it sooner.