No matter how good of a sound system you have, if you haven’t installed it the right way you will struggle to get the overall experience. In order to install a sound system the right way, it is important to place all units of the sound systems in the right spots, right directions and on a high level. Regardless if you have a regular 2.1 stereo speaker system or a surround sound system consisting of multiple units, you should mount them in walls using wall brackets. There are various benefits of mounting sound systems to the walls, which include:

Better Sound

The main reason to mount speakers on walls is to boost up the sound quality of the stereo system. Placing speaker units on the floor is a common practice and a lot of people also place their sound systems next to their TV screens/LCDs/LEDs no matter how many sound units they have.

This is a big mistake especially if the sound system is a surround system. Surround systems are made such way that they provide surround sound to the users but they only work effectively when the units are placed in their respected spots. Also, the sound units have to be above the head level of the viewers/listeners in the room in order to create the right sound environment.

To Save Room Space

Home cinema systems come with multiple sound units. Each of these units are meant to be placed in their designated spots. While the front left and right speakers are put on the front, surround left and right go on both sides of the room. Rear left and rear right units are meant to be placed on the back wall and on a high level, above the viewer’s heads. When you set up the surround system according to these instructions, your sound system occupies multiple parts of your room. You cannot save all this occupied space without installing wall brackets for your surround sound speaker units.

To Keep The Sound System Safe

Do you know that wall mounts also save the speaker systems? While installed on wall brackets, there is less chance of the systems being tripped over or damage.

Thus these are some of the reasons why you should mount the speakers of your home cinema systems in walls using the wall brackets. Please make sure to acquire high quality brackets in order to ensure complete safety of each speaker unit.