In recent years ceiling speakers have become increasingly popular in domestic and commercial settings. This growing popularity of ceiling speakers is testament to how some of the biggest twenty-first century trends come from technological developments that eventually become everyday fixtures.

Ceiling speakers provide listeners with an all-round better experience. As well as delivering top quality sound, they are also aesthetically pleasing because they fit flush to the ceiling – out of sight and out of mind – instead of cluttering up surfaces and ruining walls. If all of these benefits weren’t enough, recent advances with Bluetooth technology have resulted in a new generation of ceiling speakers; wireless ceiling speakers. Bluetooth wireless ceiling speakers are easy to install and fun to use.

Our Bluetooth wireless ceiling speaker bundle takes the fun of wireless listening and kicks it up a notch. The kit includes everything you will need to transform your room into a sound haven. With high fidelity audio equipment like the QED uPlay receiver, Q Acoustics 8” speakers and a 900xl compact power amplifier provided in the kit all you need to do is connect your smartphone or tablet device to the system with Bluetooth and enjoy the exceptional listening experience. If even after all of that you still aren’t convince Bluetooth ceiling speakers are for you then check out the top three reasons why you’re likely to change your mind:

They Make Your World Wireless

Once upon a time if something needed electricity to work it needed lots and lots of wires too. These days however, the world has lost interest in wires and new wireless technology is taking over. Over the years we have become accustomed to all things wireless at home with all and sundry, like kettles and headphones, operating perfectly without cords and wires. We have also seen more heavy duty items like power tools evolve into completely cordless implements, not to mention the internet and its world wide web being an all but entirely wireless entity. We know wireless works and we know why; it is easy to use and looks tidier than the tangled-wire snake pits often seen with traditional wired equipment. So why not jump on the wireless bandwagon with high quality Bluetooth ceiling speakers.

They’re High-End, Low-Fuss Technology

 It’s a sad fact that the more complicated something looks, the more impressive it appears to be. However, a Bluetooth wireless stereo system bucks this trend. It looks good, it works fantastically and you don’t need a doctorate to use it. The high quality equipment provides stunning sound quality and works perfectly without a wire or a complicated stack of electronics in sight. With minimal effort needed to install or use them, these speakers have combined established technologies to create a new, simple and highly effective style of ceiling speaker – why fix something that’s not broken if you can simply make it better?

They’re Smart Speakers For Smart Devices

If you think of the three biggest technological revolutions of the last few decades they are likely to be the internet, wireless technology and smart devices like phones and tablets. The Bluetooth wireless ceiling speakers take advantage of two of these revolutions, using wireless technology in a way that allows you to control the stereo system remotely from your smart device. So…now you know what Bluetooth wireless speakers are, what they do and why you want them check out the bundles available on our site.