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World’s First Integrated Wireless 3D Home Cinema Speaker System

Posted by Create Automation on 9/5/2013

The home entertainment industry has always thrived on innovation and imagination. Every day we come across different products and devices all field tested and proven to be better and more efficient than their predecessors. Last month, we saw yet another instance of the bar being raised with a contender making its way into the home entertainment arena claiming to be the world’s first integrated wireless 3D home cinema speaker system. The news went viral instantly creating quite a buzz on social media. Many tech pundits and enthusiasts are already singing its praises and can’t wait to get their hands on it when it hits the market late August.

Say hello to the 3D Orchestra IS system by Loewe!

The company just unveiled this product recently and the reviews coming in so far are all overwhelmingly positive. What makes this product so different from others is that it gives centre stage to the TV set rather than itself. The TV in this case, acts as a command hub for the 3D Orchestra by using DTS, Integrated AV Amplifiers and multi-channel decoders. It also takes into account the TV’s speaker and integrates it in to the system.

It comes with two to four Loewe 3D Orchestra speakers (depending on the model), a 3D Orchestra subwoofer, controller module and a microphone. The system is fully capable to be extended to a 7.1 setup from the current 4.1 if needed.

Perhaps the show stopper feature of this product lies in its speakers. Loewe says the system uses high quality 5.8GHz wireless speakers that provide zero, yes ZERO loss of data; a bold statement by all means yet an amazing feature nonetheless, one that ensures optional listening experience for the listener.

The 3D orchestra is initially designed to be used in conjunction with the latest generation Loewe televisions. It comes with a somewhat hefty price tag of £1500 for a 3.1 system and £2000 for a 5.1 system. The price of the 7.1 system will definitely be higher making it one of the more expensive of home cinema systems. It remains to be seen how other competing brands will adapt to this and when will they bring out their versions and models. One thing is for sure, the 3D Orchestra IS system lives up to the hype and no doubt will be a great addition to any home theatre system.