The power of sound can be found almost anywhere in life, whether you’re on the street, at a concert or even in your home; sound can be both inspirational and electrifying. One of the greatest representatives of just how powerful sound can be is in the Mercedes car advert which was released in early October last year.

In the advert, a man is hooked up to a system that has been designed to detect and demonstrate sound levels onto a body suit. In the advert we see the sound levels for a baby laughing, waves crashing, Tinie Tempah’s song ‘pass out’ along with an orchestra of trumpets. Nearing the end of the advert, we see the body suit demonstrating sound waves from popular Mercedes vehicle; the E63 AMG. The aim of the advert is to emphasise the car’s ultimate power through the use of sound.

By demonstrating the sound waves onto a body suit, we as the viewers can physically see just how powerful sound can be, however, you don’t need to invest in a fancy car or a beach in your back garden to achieve the optimum sound experience; the power of sound can be demonstrated right in the comfort of your own home.

Nowadays, speakers are growing in popularity among homeowners who value the benefits of a powerful sound system and recognise the advantages that come with selecting the right model. In today’s article, we will be taking a look at two outdoor speaker models and the benefits that come with them.

BluCube CXW-650

Although the price may throw you a little for being remarkably cheap, this outdoor speaker certainly should not be regarded as a cheap knock-off you’d find on the market corner. The BluCube CXW-650 is not only weather-proof and durable meaning that it can withstand strong gales and rainfalls; they are also 100% robust with an easy installation guarantee. These speakers are ideal for leisurely outdoor activities due to its hard-wearing promise and can also be used in suitable indoor rooms such as saunas and indoor pools.

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Bluetooth Wireless Speaker Bundle

For a more expensive price in the Create Automation range, you could get your hands on the incredible wireless outdoor speaker bundle available to you at £448. Not only does this bundle include everything you need to achieve optimum outdoor wireless sound including a set of high performance Yamaha outdoor speakers, a Bluetooth receiver and amplifier, through the use of Bluetooth you can simply stream all of your music right to the speakers without the hassle of trailing leads. Further to this, this speaker bundle is compatible with the iPhone 3G, iPad and iPad 2 and Bluetooth enabled mobile phones and PDA. These speakers are essential for any outdoor get together.

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These are just two of the outdoor speakers available from the Create Automation range. For more alternatives, please browse through our complete collection of speakers!